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I Feel…Name it to Tame it.

Emotions are an essential part of who we are, but they can be messy, complicated, and downright confusing sometimes. Knowing how to name them and talk about them with your students (and yourself!) — is a key part of helping your students develop their social and emotional health.

But why do we need to name them?!

The answer is that naming our emotions tends to diffuse their intensity and lessen the burden they create. The psychologist Dan Siegel refers to this practice as “name it to tame it.” … Sharing what we are really, deep-down feeling in simple terms helps us to better contain and manage even the most difficult emotions.

Use the sheet below to help you and your students name your emotions. You guys, there are more than just 3 emotions! It’s so easy to say, “I’m happy,” “I’m sad”, or “I’m Angry!” Well, are you really? Or are you something else–let’s get to the bottom of your happiness, sadness, and anger.

If you’re a teacher and you hate my face or you have your own bitmoji plastered all over your classroom, shoot me a message or hit up my TpT account to download your own editable version!


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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    that sheet with all the different emotions is awesome! I think naming your emotions is an important part of becoming more mindful about yourself. When I meditate, I sometimes put my attention towards arising emotions during the meditation session. And often they disappear if I just observe them without trying to resist them. I think being mindful is an important skill for everyone.

    Shared your post, keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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